Monthly Meetings 2022-2023

The following are the dates of this season's monthly meetings, with details of speakers. As usual, all meetings are on Friday evenings, starting at 7.15 p.m. for a 7.30 pm start. will be held at the Planetarium, Wynyard Woodland Park, just outside Stockton, off the A177 Durham Road, TS21 3JG, until further notice.

# Amateur talk

## Academic subject, but“not too technical“ presentation

9 September

“My Favourite Dishes“ ( Radio astronomy ) by Rod Hine, Bradford AS #

14 October

“Massive Stars and Where to Find Them” by Dr. Anna McLeod, Durham Uni ##

11 November

“A Day on Each Planet” by Dr. Colin Steele, Manchester Uni #

9 December

“Crazy Interstellar Rockets“ by Dr. Julian Onions, Nottingham Uni #

13 January 2023

“Observing the Moon“ by Dr. John McCue #

10 February

“ Astrophotography” by Keith Johnson #

10 March

“t.b.d.” by Dr. Jûrgen Schmoll, Chairman of CaDAS #

14 April

“Asteroseismology” by Thomas Shutt, York Uni ##

12 May

“Astronomical Scrapbook” by Brian Jones, Bradford AS #

9 June

“AGM plus members’ short talks